Hard Floor Treatments

Hard Floor Treatments

TST Property Services has been providing hard floor treatments to major retail outlets around NSW, for the past 3 decades.


We can strip, seal and maintain all types of vinyl floors as well as strip and sealing all Terrazzo and Concrete floor.

Penetrating Sealer

TST Property Services can provide deep scrub and seal with a non slip penetrating sealer which comes with a 10 years manufacturer guarantee. This will make your tiles look brand new again and make them easier to maintain. We can provide fully trained staff who can keep them looking shiny and new all of the time.

Epoxy Flooring

TST has highly experienced floor professionals dedicated to providing top quality products and top quality service. 

This includes: - Epoxy floors, Anti Slip Floors, Flake floors, Floor Grinding, Epoxy roll coats, Water based sealants, concrete sealer, joint repairs, concrete repairs, joint sealing and combiflex.

Hard Floor Treatments Sydney - Penetrating Sealer Sydney



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